Dubai Skyline by Denise Schmitz


AED 300.00

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Do you love Dubai? One of the most amazing things about this city are the spectacular high rise buildings that just make you go WOW!

Did you know that Dubai is the fastest growing city in the world? In 1991, Dubai had just one tall building and now they have over 400 high rises. Before it transformed into the metropolitan city it is now, Dubai was really a desert!

Our Kidz Love Artbox and bespoke tutorial created this for this piece give children the required guidance to create this piece whilst allowing them the freedom to add anything they want to this pre-sketched canvas.

This hand-crafted Kidz Love Artbox is for all skill levels and contains everything you need to create a masterpiece:

  • A 30x40cm canvas with a hand drawn outline of this famous masterpiece;
  • An elegant and handcrafted box that can be used as an easel
  • Seven 75ml paint tubes of the colours you need, so you have the freedom to paint with as much texture as you would like;
  • Three high quality paint brushes with nylon heads in all the sizes and shapes you need to paint this masterpiece; Having had tens of thousands of people experience We Love Art, we understand the ideal brush for you
  • A step by step instruction guide honed to summarise what you need to know to create this masterpiece;
  • Access to full-length video tutorial of your chosen masterpiece with to enable every child to create this painting.