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Palette (only ships with an artbox)

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“Life is a painting, and you are the artist. You have on your palette all the colors in the spectrum – the same ones available to Michaelangelo and DaVinci.” – John Meyer.

So add your paint colours to this traditionally shaped acrylic palette and get creative!  At 40cm x 28cm, this palette is perfect for big hands and little hands apiece.

Please note that the palette only ships as an extra alongside the purchase of a We Love Artbox and does not ship on its own. So whilst shipping may say zero (we are an Art experience company not a tech company :), we will only sell this if you also purchase a We Love Artbox. If you buy without a box, we will provide a refund as per our policy! 


Aluminum Easel


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Looking for a way for your kids creative spark to soar? Have you always wanted to see the little artist in your child? Get your kids ready for a creative journey with Kidz Love Art.

The Kidz Love Artbox is a luxury all-in-one kit for a child that comes with a 30X40 cm canvas, high quality materials, and detailed guidance for your child to create a masterpiece to be proud of. It is the perfect art gift for children as we hand-sketch the outline of the chosen masterpiece which gives your kids ample confidence to get the brush moving, while at the same time the freedom to ‘go outside the lines’, and make colourful strokes to create something innovative and individual.

This premium upgrade on ‘paint by numbers for kids’ allows your child to feel like a true artist, and is an extremely fun way to nurture their development and creative spark.

The Kidz Love Art premium Artbox has been specifically designed for every child to explore their inner artist and indulge in a rewarding, relaxing and productive artsy experience for kids all around the world. At Kidz Love Art, we believe there is no right or wrong way to paint. Our emphasis is on the process that every child must feel like a little Picasso no matter their developmental stage. For young children, experiencing our kids artbox provides opportunities to learn words for colours, actions and shapes. We truly want kids to realize that they are all born as artists; whilst we provide all the materials and guidance, we also trust that every young artist should experience the freedom to paint their heart out. Take a step forward from ‘paint by numbers for kids’ and let your kids fill the canvas with their own colours and creative ideas!



Our premium Kidz Love Artbox, an advancement of the ‘paint by numbers for kids’ enables your child to truly jump into the shoes of an artist, where there is no end to creativity! While we always teach our children to be independent with their choices, allowing them to have a free-hand while doing artwork will only aid them in making decisions on their own.

As your child engages in painting, they make choices about their own artwork. Very often, children cannot wait to share with you something new they have created. Go ahead and ask your child ‘’tell me about your painting’’ and watch how it will help grow and stretch your child’s verbal and painting skills. Our hand-crafted artbox for kids provides a true art experience superior to ‘paint by numbers for kids’ and really motivates your child to create marvelous art pieces from the comfort of home which they will be proud to hang on their wall!