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Enroll now in our Kids Painting Course Starting from 30 September

Paint & Grow

A workshop where your kids meet young budding artists and paint a masterpiece.

Painting Courses

6 Week Courses for students aged 6 - 11 years old that stimulates their creativity.

Birthday Parties

Let us fill your child’s birthday with a burst of colour and creative memories.

Kidz Love Artbox

Inspire everlasting creativity with a painting experience with pre-sketched canvas & video tutorial

Unlock your child’s individuality and self-expression in a vibrant community


Our engaging art experiences and painting courses for kids are designed for children to have fun whilst enhancing their confidence, creative thinking and sense of achievement.

With our inspiring creative kids art classes in Dubai or with the at-home Kidz Love Artbox experience, children will be inspired by:

  • Professional and quality artists with +10 years of teaching experience
  • A community of like-minded budding creatives
  • A variety of artistic techniques & materials taught in a vibrant atmosphere
Grow their confidence, self-expression as part of a creative community

Kidz Events | Paint & Grow | Painting Courses | Birthday Parties

Let your kids explore their inner Picasso by enjoying our one off 2-hour Paint & Grow events or six-week kids art classes for children, where they blossom on our artistic journey that ends with their own painting exhibition.

Kidz Love Art events are held in the chicest cafés where parents can kick back and relax with a drink whilst your children create and make friends nearby.


By joining young budding creative thinkers and expert teachers, your kids will grow within a community, create unforgettable memories, gain new perspectives and leave with a masterpiece they will be truly proud of.

Quality Art Gift For Children to inspire a child to find their creativity


The Premium Kidz Love Artbox is the perfect  Art Gift For Children with a creative spark.

The handcrafted high-end Artbox is a premium twist to paint by numbers for kids, and is all the inspiration a child needs to paint their own masterpiece. It is equipped with a pre-sketched 30cm*40cm canvas of a fun painting of your choice, three high-quality brushes and ample paint they can use for many more creations.


Every piece comes with step-by-step guidance and an engaging instruction video so that every child can confidently create a masterpiece they will be proud of.

Consider a creative art gift for teenagers and kids that will last forever!


Apart from the inner freedom and happiness children will experience whilst creating art, there are further benefits to creativity. Research has proven that there is a positive relationship between the arts and academic achievement.


Children exposed to arts and crafts outside of school are able to think “out of the box” and solve problems creatively. Teenage and kids’ creative activities in a non-school environment truly imbue new ways of thinking.


Harvard & McKinsey studies have shown that demand for higher cognitive skills, such as creativity & critical thinking will grow through 2030 whilst computer and mechanical automation takes over the non-creative jobs. Creativity and Emotional Intelligence will be the bedrock of high-end jobs in 2030.


At home with our Premium Artbox or at our Events