What We Do

Paint & Grow

A workshop where your kids meet young budding artists and paint a masterpiece.

Painting Courses

6 Week Courses for students aged 6 - 11 years old that stimulates their creativity.

Birthday Parties

Let us fill your child’s birthday with a burst of colour and creative memories.

Kidz Love Artbox

An Artbox with materials and guidance your kids need to create a masterpiece.


Kidz Love Art is a vibrant and inspiring art program designed for young creative minds. Our mission is to nurture confidence, spark their imagination, and grow a sense of community through art. Whether your child is a budding Picasso or just starting their artistic journey, we provide a supportive environment where every child can flourish.


In our 6-week painting courses, children ages 6 – 11 will explore color, technique, and creativity. Led by an expert artist, each 1-hour workshop is a journey of discovery.

What to expect

Inspiring Themes: Each week, we delve into new and engaging topics inspired by famous artists and genres. Through learning and enjoyment your child will develop their unique artistic style.


Personal Portfolios: At the end of each workshop, your child will proudly take home another piece of artwork. These creations form their personal portfolio, showcasing their growth and expression.


  • 900 AED (price includes 5%VAT). This includes:
  • 6 hours of classes with all equipment and canvas painting ideas provided
  • Your own portfolio book to keep your paintings in
  • Early bird AED 850 (Until Sep 10)
  • 5% siblings further discount to be applied for sibling


*Age Range – Kids aged 6 – 11

Schedule: Every Monday from 5 pm to 6 pm Location: Dubai British School, Emirates Hills

Course Outline

In our 5 week painting courses, your kids will explore, learn and build confidence with colour theories, application of colour, composition and layout skills along with further development of their technical skills and vocabulary.

At Kidz Love Art, we believe that every child deserves to set free their inner artist; every ‘smudged’ line or stroke can easily become part of a tremendous masterpiece that helps your child to develop from within.

Week 1: Summer under the sea

This interactive activity will not only spark their creativity but also help them develop important skills in symbolism and storytelling. By the end of this session, kids will understand that art can be a powerful tool for expressing ideas and emotions.

Week 2: All About Me!

In this engaging activity, kids will learn about self-awareness and teamwork while creating their own unique self-portraits. Through this activity, kids will develop their fine motor skills and creativity as they color clothes, outfits, and accessories for their friends’ characters. By tracing each other’s bodies, they’ll also learn important social skills like communication, empathy, cooperation and creative collaboration!

Week 3: Whiskers & Winks: Furry Friends Painting Party

In this enchanting art session, young artists will develop their fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and creativity as they bring their furry friends to life. They’ll also learn about different furry animals and their characteristics, focusing on the details of big eyes and fluffy textures.

Week 4: Adorable Funny Food

Through imagining food as characters and sharing their stories, they’ll learn to think outside the box and develop their critical thinking skills. Through this activity, kids will explore the world of visual storytelling, using a combination of drawing and writing to create a comic strip-style scene featuring one or more food characters. They’ll also get to practice their fine motor skills through loose and expressive doodling, allowing them to experiment with different lines, shapes, and textures.

Week 5: Magical Snow Globe

This unique class combines art and construction skills, allowing your child to design and decorate their own mini winter landscape using construction paper. By participating in this course, your child will develop their fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and creativity while learning the basics of painting and composition.

Week 6: Masterpiece

In the final session, the grand finale of our young artists journey, kids will have the opportunity to create their own unique masterpiece, using their favorite symbolism, story telling and textured techniques that they have learned in the previous classes!

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