What We Do

Paint & Grow

A workshop where your kids meet young budding artists and paint a masterpiece.

Painting Courses

6-week courses that foster creativity for your kids with a final exhibition.

Birthday Parties

Let us fill your child’s birthday with a burst of colour and creative memories.

Kidz Love Artbox

An Artbox with materials and guidance your kids need to create a masterpiece.


Our 6 week courses are journeys of exploration for your kids to stimulate their creativity, critical thinking, confidence, and most importantly, a chance for them to discover themselves.

Our courses are suited to students age 7-13 years old, of all abilities. No previous knowledge or practice is required and all children will be supported and challenged at their own level of experience.

By joining our young budding creative thinkers, your kids will grow within a community, create unforgettable memories, and create a masterpiece they will be truly proud to show in the end of course exhibition. Along with one-on-one expert art teacher instruction, your child will gain new perspectives and will feel like a true artist!

What to expect

Kidz Love Art Painting Courses are facilitated by a qualified artist with +10 years of teaching

experience and delivered over 2-hour painting workshops for a period of 6 weeks. All art materials are provided. The kids will also be offered a delicious snack and juice so to enjoy a social break throughout the 2-hour workshop.

Children learn about color, art and explore a variety of painting techniques based on famous artists and genres of art. Every week the course focuses on new interesting and engaging topics as the child grows on their journey of creating their own unique masterpiece.

At the end of each 2-hour workshop, your child will leave with another piece of artwork to add to their personal portfolio which showcases their artistic style in response to the weekly theme.

  • As a parent you can either leave them under our supervision while you enjoy a nice drink in the city’s chicest restaurant café and trust that their happiness and safety is our top priority as they focus on their journey of artistic exploration and lose themselves in creativity, away from their phones and devices.


1,550 AED (price includes 5%VAT). This includes:

  • 12 hours of classes with all equipment and canvas painting ideas provided
  • Guidance from artists with +10 years teaching experience
  • Your own portfolio book to keep your paintings in;
  • An exhibition during the 6th week
  • And your completion certificate.
    • *Age Range – Kids aged 7 and above
    • Discount of 5% for  Siblings/friends USE CODE: 7YKCJ2BG

Course Outline

In our 6 week painting courses, your kids will explore, learn and build confidence with colour theories, application of colour, composition and layout skills along with further development of their technical skills and vocabulary.


At Kidz Love Art, we believe that every child deserves to set free their inner artist; every ‘smudged’ line or stroke can easily become part of a tremendous masterpiece that helps your child to develop from within.

  •  Week 1‘The Magic of Colour – light and shadow’ inspired by great still life artists. We will learnabout and recap colour theory, exploring making new colours and mixing tints and tones. We will also practice creating tones using shading and different materials, considering how this can make objects appear 3D. The children will then use this knowledge to practice creating highlights and shadows to show 3D form and create perspective in their artwork.
  • Week 2‘What do you see?’ inspired by great Impressionist artist techniques and Abstract art. We will practice using a ‘viewfinder’ to focus in on the details of animals patterns and print, taking a closer look at how we use brush techniques, texture and tone in our artwork to create depth and movement. The children will explore using mixed media by combining charcoal and acrylic paint to create different effects, practicing hands-on blending and smudging techniques.
  • Week 3‘Something to Say!’ inspired by great Surrealist artists. In this lesson we will begin to explore how artists share important messages through their artwork on topics which are relevant to them. We will look at some features of Surrealism art and mixed media Surrealist collages. The children will then have a go at creating their own mixed media Surrealist collage using a selection of materials and fun acrylic paint techniques.
  • Weeks 4 and 5‘Action through Art’ inspired by all of our current learning. During these 2 weeks, children will create their final masterpiece on canvas and will choose a subject for their artwork in which they feel they can spread an important message and take action through their artwork in an area relevant to them. They will first focus on sketching the composition of their masterpiece, practicing different drawing methods and considering perspective, scale and proportion, with the option to include Word Art. They will then apply their advanced colour theory knowledge and learnt mixed media skills to create an image in their own unique style.
  • Week 6Group Exhibition of young artists’ masterpieces. It’s a real celebration where they feel a great sense of achievement and showcase their final masterpiece to parents!

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