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What We Do

Paint & Grow

A workshop where your kids meet young budding artists and paint a masterpiece.

Painting Courses

6-week courses that foster creativity and innovation for your kids with a final exhibition.

Birthday Parties

Let us fill your child’s birthday with a burst of colour and creative memories.

Kidz Love Artbox

An exclusive Artbox with materials and guidance your kids need to create a masterpiece.



We Love Art becomes an idea, while Denise teaches friends to paint in Amsterdam


Denise moves to Dubai – We Love Art Painting Courses are born


Paint & Grape Evenings begin, and become Dubai’s premium artistic event


10,000th happy client. We Love Art now delivers Painting Courses, Corporate Events and Paint & Grape Nights across Dubai.


2020 The We Love Art experience goes global with the We Love Artbox


Kidz Love Art

Meet denise


We Love Art company was founded in 2013 – when I first moved to Dubai – and has come a long way since. Leaving everything behind in The Netherlands, I felt a hint of insecurity but also a chance to start a new chapter in my life. I had grown up in a family of artists and entrepreneurs, so with a masters in law and a passion for art, I took a leap of faith and went for the thing I loved most in life; painting.



Nervously excited, I began my journey by teaching adults. From the 8-weeks painting courses, where adults work towards their own exhibition, to the Paint & Grape Evenings, an evening dedicated to art history’s most famous painters and finally also the Corporate Events, where it’s all about connecting through creativity. To guarantee that We Love Art’s quality art can be enjoyed everywhere in the world, we launched in 2020 we our exclusive We Love Artbox: an all-in-one luxurious box with everything needed to create a masterpiece. With no previous experience required, my fellow creative adults had the opportunity to become real masters and create artworks they are truly proud of!



After repeated enquiries over the years from We Love Art customers about kids events, Kidz Love Art was born in 2021 to create the same sense of creativity, growth and self-exploration that adults have enjoyed since 2013.



As a mother of three children, two here with me on earth and one being a beautiful shining star up in the sky, I know the importance of art for children’s development. There are so many proven health and wellness benefits related to creating art, that I see creativity as a vital need for ones up brining.



If taught with love, positivity and encouragement; children will feel safe, confident and proud after each work they create. I believe that we are all born as artists; it’s our responsibility as adults to positively nurture that creative spark throughout a young artist’s life.

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