What We Do

Paint & Grow

A workshop where your kids meet young budding artists and paint a masterpiece.

Painting Courses

6-week courses that foster creativity and innovation for your kids with a final exhibition.

Birthday Parties

Let us fill your child’s birthday with a burst of colour and creative memories.

Kidz Love Artbox

An exclusive Artbox with materials and guidance your kids need to create a masterpiece.

A colorful childhood


With painting, your child is building a knowledge base of different sensory experiences, like how it feels to touch the canvas or to stroke a brush. Not only does this help your kid to understand the world around them, but also allows them to experiment with colour and think about different combinations, which ultimately helps them to make better decisions.


Our pre-sketched canvases with premium guidance and materials make it easy for your kids to step out of their comfort zone and create something they will take pride in.

Young Problem Solvers

As your child engages in painting, they make choices about their own artwork. Very often, children cannot wait to share with you something new they have created. Go ahead and ask your child ‘’tell me about your painting’’ and watch how it will help grow and stretch your child’s verbal and painting skills.

Explore A Hidden Talent

At Kidz Love Art, we believe there is no right or wrong way to paint. Our emphasis is on the process that every child must feel like a little Picasso no matter their developmental stage. For young children, indulging in art provides opportunities to learn words for colours, actions and shapes.

Ultimately, when kids engage in art, their feelings are elicited when they experience different artwork styles. Moreover, children who feel able to experiment and make mistakes feel free to invent new ways of critical thinking.


At home with our Premium Artbox or at our Events

  • Painting Tutorial For Kids | Tiger by Le Clousier | Kidz Love Art
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  • Starry Deer | Painting Tutorial For Kids | Kidz Love Art
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  • Ice Cream by Andy Warhol | Painting for Kids | Kids Painting Tutorial
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  • Rabbit Painting Tutorial | Learn to Paint | Kidz Love Art
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  • Magical Journey Painting Ideas | Online Painting Tutorial for Kids
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  • Funky Cheetah Online Painting Tutorial with Kidz Love Artbox
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  • Dubai Skyline | Online Painting Tutorial
    by Kidz Love Art
  • Paint a Dog "Bear, the Boston Terrier" | Online Painting Tutorial
    by Kidz Love Art
  • Tiger Party | Online Painting Tutorial | Learn to Paint
    by Kidz Love Art

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